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free layouts, html help, and more.
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This is a layout community for S1 and S2 layouts. It is the demon spawn of the one called syehsreh. All the layouts found herein were spindled, mutilated and coded by syehsreh. Most of them suck, but such is the nature of a part-time obsession.

Layout requests are taken on a random basis (please fill out the form here and submit it in a new post if you're interested.) KNOW: REQUESTS ARE FILLED AS TIME ALLOWS. Also, not every layout will get made, simply because if i don't like the content or subject matter, i don't feel the need to waste my time on making such a hideous layout. So if your layout doesn't get made, don't feel bad. Either i didn't have time, or your taste in layouts is atrocious. Layout styles i REFUSE to make: pretty much anything to do with anime, manga, or Japanimation. (notice-- i have no problem with japanese people or, say, a layout with a geisha in it or something... i just hate anime .utterly. and i refuse to spend 12+ hours staring at a huge, disgusting image of a character i can't stand.) Any layout requests with anime design ideas/images/elements in mind will be rejected. Sorry, but that's just how i roll. If you have a different layout idea in mind, go ahead and post your request and i'll see what can be done.

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